22 November 2012

Spoke too soon

Well, If you haven't heard, our time in Wyoming has expired much quicker than we imagined and we are headed back to Utah. Ronnie was offered a great job working at a boarding school doing individual, family, and substance abuse therapy with the students from families who pay more in tuition each month than we will ever pay in tithing each year haha! It was kind of a no brainer to accept the job, and one of the best perks is that he will get to work with one of his good friends and they will carpool from Salt Lake to just outside of Park City together.

So, for the second time this pregnancy, I will be packing boxes and setting up shop in hopes to prepare a nice little home before this baby arrives. During our first move, I was still in the first trimester and working full time. Packing happened after work, between naps, and when I didn't think I was going to spew all over everything.

This time around, we made the decision over the phone. I was in New Mexico for close to two weeks (I will do a post on that adventure soon)watching my brothers kids. I will have much more time on my hands during the day to pack (now that I am back in WY) it is just the motivation I am lacking.
The 3rd trimester has hit me with a brand new wave of fatigue and nausea. Poor Ronnie is so excited about this move (and I am as well) but I usually start getting teary eyed just thinking about packing a box. Luckily we have this whole holiday weekend to work on it together.

Yesterday I had another ultrasound along with my glucose test (yuck! but no gestational diabetes here) another blood draw for something I am pretty sure they have already checked, the whooping cough vaccination, and the flu shot. I am so glad I had the ultrasound to motivate me to go to the appointment. The umbilical cord is supposed to have one main vein and two arteries. Mine has just one artery. The Dr recommended doing an ultrasound each month just to keep an eye on the baby's growth. Well, at 28 1/2 weeks along, the little guy is measuring 2 weeks ahead of schedule (so he is measuring at 30 weeks!) My due date has always been a little questionable, so who knows when this son of ours will decide to come. No single artery umbilical cord could keep this kid from growing. We finally got to see his cute little face and I haven't been able to stop staring at it since. I will just have to hang that blurry, fuzzy, ultrasound pic up where ever I am packing and use that as motivation.

So with 3 (or maybe even less) months left, we have been asked if we have a name yet. For some reason it feels strange naming someone we haven't met yet. Our list of names has been narrowed down but we haven't spent much time talking about it. We haven't even started tossing around middle names. There aren't that many family names left on my side of the family, but he will be the 3rd grandkid on Ronnie's side, we have plenty to choose from on his side, but we very likely could choose a very neutral name. I learned my lesson the hard way that names really aren't that fun to talk about before the baby is here. Once you name the kid, nobody can really give their opinion, but for some reason beforehand, people think its okay to tell you what they think you should name the child you are working so hard to grow. (don't worry, if you have said you like one of the names I have shared with you, I love that) I know I have been guilty of name suggesting before. Lesson learned.

Now that my thoughts have jumped around for much to long, I will wrap up and wish you a Happy Thanksgiving! Ronnie and I will be enjoying this one just the two of us! We are going to take it easy and count our many blessings as we prepare for the many adventures ahead!

29 October 2012

25 Weeks

Can you believe how quickly time is going? I am almost 2/3 of the way through with this pregnancy and am happy with how much better the 2nd trimester has been, even though my first trimester was a piece of cake compared to most peoples. I did want to record a few of things that I have experienced this trimester before I get into the huge, waddling penguin phase.

-Bye Bye headaches: I rarely if ever have headaches now and am grateful for it!
-Hungry, Hungry Hippo: I will go through spurts where I cannot eat enough! I try and eat little healthy snacks to try and trick my body into thinking that it will be just fine, but until I get a good hearty meal, there is no taming the hungry beast inside.
Move Baby Move- The little man doesn't move a whole lot during the day but he will roll around after a sugary treat, a good meal, and at night when I'm trying to get comfortable. I love having Ronnie feel him kick around and he even gave my sister-in-law Annie a little high five through the womb.
A little embarrassingly emotional- You've probably read about the emotions in my previous post, but I really feel stupid every time I tear about about a sudden strong emotion.
Snoring:This is new, and quite irritating. Poor Ronnie has to give me a good shove at night but unfortunately it has nothing to do with my sleeping position. I don't get congested like I used to, but when the Sandman comes he must make my nasal passages swell shut. Strange things happen when you grow a baby.

The question I probably get the most is "Have you been craving anything crazy?" I don't think I have really had any craving, just foods I suddenly really like and choose to eat when I am starving or need a little something to get me through until mealtime. Want to hear them?
-Bananas: I have never really loved bananas but now I have to buy at least one for everyday of the week.
-Peanut butter and banana sandwiches: Ronnie laughs every time I crawl into bed with one of these in tow. Midnight usually comes with a sudden pang of hunger, and one of these gets me through the night very happily
-Cold, cold water- I have always been terrible at drinking enough water but there is something so satisfying about gulping down a bottle of ice cold water now. Our little apartment is littered with water bottles all over the place

I know, so boring. Ronnie is perfectly happy that I don't make him rush out and get me strange things, but I really should take advantage of that while I can. I might just try that tonight. "I need McDonalds french fries STAT!"

14 October 2012

Pregnancy Hormones

Sometimes I feel like a walking hormone storage facility. Having a touch of the flu this week hasn't seemed to help the situation. One moment I am feeling great, admiring how thick and cooperative my hair has been on prenatal vitamins, and the next I am crying because my belly is causing all sorts of inconveniences.

Hello, that thing is way too big for only being 23 weeks along. And those swollen fingers....

Ronnie has been so patient as we go to bed and I suddenly start crying because I am so tired, or I can't get comfortable, or my garment top won't stay tucked into my bottoms anymore, or whatever ridiculous thought crosses my brain. He will sweetly scratch my back or tell me how beautiful he thinks I am, which will lead me to cry even more because I appreciate him so much and then I get carried away in my thoughts and think about how I would absolutely die if something ever happened to him. He usually will just start laughing at me and distract me with something funny, and before I know it, I am asleep.

I have also recently become obsessed with fixing up the nursery and making it into something I would be proud of. I am usually to lazy and cheap to actually decorate so I am blaming the "nesting" hormones for kicking in early. I have spent WAY too much time on Pinterest gathering ideas, and holding myself back from impulsively buying all sorts of treasures. Luckily for our budget, I made Ronnie agree to participate in "Lock-tober" with me where we don't spend money on anything that isn't a bill, groceries, or a date. It has helped us find that extra cash in our budget to buy airline tickets for Christmas and not make me stress out so much.

With winter quickly approaching, I do want to get some painting projects done before it's too cold. Here is where I need some opinions. We are doing a vintage cowboy/southwestern theme. Mostly because that is what we have already laying around the house, and because is it just so darn cute.

Here is the dresser we are using and will put a changing pad on top of. It is quite long, and truthfully I am not a huge fan of this dresser. Ronnie "refinished" it in his single days, and is very proud of it, but it really doesn't do a whole lot for me. I was a little irked when he insisted it moved with us.

This is is with the middle door on:

But I will most likely keep it off to keep supplies handy in these little drawers:
I will definitely change the hardware and have found some cool vintage hardware on Etsy.

The dresser doesn't match our crib at all so I am thinking about painting it's "bones" grey and re-staining the top and drawers a richer, warmer brown color. I may even get a little crazy and do gold instead, or just do the whole thing in navy.

The crib, so graciously given to us by my sister Brittani, goes well with just about anything, so we will most likely put some simple grey bedding with blue and red accents to bring in the cowboy feel.

And here is some awesome vintage fabric I scored at goodwill for $1. I am hoping my sister Chelsey will help me make it into some pillows to throw into the crib to add some more southwest to the room.

I need to re-stain the frame on this, but I love this ugly sand painting I got at a thrift store back home for less than $5. When I showed it to my dad he may have winced a little bit, but then again, he has sand paintings of kittens crawling out of Indian pots. I like this the simplicity of this one.

We have an old, primitive wooden toolbox I got off of KSL that I want to figure out how to mount on the wall and use as a bookshelf. I will be learning how to do all sorts of interesting things with tools.

I also have this old frame I have been hanging onto and want to put a print of Leonardo Da Vinci's "Study of Horses" into.

I have been looking around to find some cool old antlers (just antlers, no head. yuck)to mount above the crib, but I may change my mind if I can get my hands on a cheap indian rug when I am home in a few weeks to watch my brother's kids. I LOVE the thrift stores in NM. They are so cheap and I kind of have a thing for junk. So if you drive by something in the trash and thing, "Mikael would probably like that old __________" you just pull on over, throw in the back of your car, and I will clean it up and love you forever.

I would love to add a rug to cover up our ugly dentist office carpet, but I also want Ronnie to be able to go into the nursery in the middle of the night without his "boots" on and not worry about him biffing it on the rug.

So here is what I want some opinions on...
1. What in the heck do I do with that dresser?
2. If you have kids, did you use a glider or a rocking chair? We might be able to squeeze a rocking chair in there, but a glider would probably be too big.
3. Any other nursery, decorative, or tips on how to make the room more functional are MORE than welcome.

05 October 2012


I know the news has been out for over a week, but it still makes me smile every time I think about the small little boy we will meet in February! The night before our appointment we went to bed so excited that neither one of us really slept. When we got to the office, we met with the Dr. and he told us they didn't schedule us for an ultrasound, so he would do it for us instead. THANK GOODNESS! I told him there would either be a dead patient or dead Dr. if is didn't happen that day.
I am so glad we go to do the ultrasound with my Dr. He spent lots of time with us and pointed out every little perfect thing about our baby. And then suddenly the "weather pattern" (as Ronnie calls it) on the screen was labeled BOY!
We have been on cloud nine as we imagine what our little guy will look like and how fun it is going to be to love on him. I have been having fun looking for things to turn our 2nd bedroom into a little cowboy nursery. There isn't a ton you can do when you are renting, but I just can't wait to bring some southwestern style to our little guy's room.
A couple days after the ultrasound we went to California for Ronnie's uncles funeral. Even though it wasn't the greatest of circumstances to get together with family, it was so great to be with Ronnie's family and in a warm place. We hadn't seen Ronnie's sister Shauna, her husband Alex, and their two kids since Christmas WAY too long. Shauna is pregnant with her 3rd and we are so excited to have a cousin so close in age to our baby.
I started watching two boys a couple times a week. It is a great little job that will still let me have a flexible schedule to leave town and that I can be done with at the end of the year. It is quickly becoming cold here so it is nice to have something to help the rest of the year go by a little quicker.
This Monday will be 22 weeks!

19 September 2012

Boy or Girl?

It feels like we have been waiting to know the answer to this question forever. I don't know if it was dumb luck or or what, but we found out about Baby Squire earlier than usual. I was probably somewhere between 2-3 weeks along.

With the first trimester, I was concentrating on not letting others notice how tired and terrible I felt, and being right in the middle of a move, and looking forward to just telling people, that it seemed to go by pretty quickly. But now that the news is out and life has slowed down, the days tick by slowly and I probably spend way too much time thinking about what we might be having.

The thought of having a girl terrifies me. Sometimes when I think back on what kind of little girl I was, I have to think that my parents must have wondered what in the world they were handed. I often cried to my mom that being a girl was no fun. I wanted to climb trees, throw rocks, and built forts like my brothers. I wanted G.I. Joes to play with in the tub, and can label each scar to a competition or dare. Bruises and breaks don't scare me. Boy talk and emotions do. So what would I want for my little girl if I were given one? And how in the world do I raise a child, boy or girl, once they pass the age of 5?

To help get my mind off of obsessing over what gender our baby might be, I have been thinking about what I would want for our baby, whether The Nugget is a boy or girl.

-Confidence: It kills me to see so may girls and boys put so much worth into looks and how many compliments (facebook friends, likes on a photo, or attention)they get from others, and not the very voice inside their head and the feeling we are so abundantly blessed with. The thing I will work hardest at as a mother will be helping my children (boys or girls) discover confidence in themselves. For my child to know themselves and find absolute strength in that, would bring me more happiness than any other thing they could do.

Passion: It can be hard discovering your passion in life. I am sure during childhood their interests and passions will change nearly everyday, but I would rather have our children explore them early, so they would know what to pursue later on in life.

A Love for Learning: I was meant to be born when President Hinckley continually urged the youth to get as much education as possible. I hope my kids would find excitement at the possibility or learning and experiences that education can bring. Whether it's learning through a telescope lens or from a book, I hope learning is exciting! I was able to meet people, go places, and see things I dreamed about because of my education. I look forward to the day I can continue my education and hope that my kids will take every opportunity education can give them.

Kindness: This is something I personally have to put hard work into, but I know how happy it makes me when I know I have helped someone else. I hope my children learn how helping others and showing them kindness will bring them happiness.

and of course A Personal Relationship with God: There are only so many things Ronnie and I can do as parents, but one set of parents is never enough. Our children will need their Heavenly Father more than us at times. He can do much better than us, and there may be times we just have to turn things over to Him, but I can help them learn how to get to know Him.

This next little part might be strange to some, but I find it completely normal think about and consider. (I have been working in this field and know it is always a possibility). What if our baby doesn't come as expected? What if the ten fingers and toes come with a complicated and rare syndrome, or an extra dose of unexpected?

Of course it will be a shock, and a struggle, but I know we would love our baby no matter what. I know my family would celebrate the perfection of our baby, no matter what form perfection comes in. The abundance of love from those we love would help us get through the unexpected, and our dreams may be a little different, but I would still want all of the above for our child. Learning may look different, but it will still be just as important. Confidence, kindness, and passion will be things I learn more perfectly than I could possibly teach.

So with just one week left, it is time to get your guesses in!Comment and let me know what you think we are having, and I always love hearing why!

18 September 2012

Another cabin retreat

This weekend we retreated back into nature, but this time, in Wyoming. One of Ronnie's favorite friends from his masters program was going to his family's cabin just an hour and a half drive away from us. Matt and his wife Val were kind enough to invite us along and Matt's family willingly let these two unknowns join the party. Within minutes of meeting everyone, we felt right at home.
Matt and Val are expecting their second little girl in November and we fell in love with their other spit fire little girl, Berkley. All weekend long, we kept saying, "We wouldnt' mind a all if we have a girl and she is as fun as Berkely." Val is a talented photographer and pulled Ronnie and me out into the beautiful fall leaves and snapped a few photos of us. (I promise my belly isn't a massive as it looks, the shirt I was wearing is pretty tent like and exaggerated the round happening everywhere)
It was fun being able to sleep in, relax, stay up way too late talking about Mexican food, go canoeing, and go swimming at a pretty amazing Rec center. We had so much fun with the Dahlin's and left the weekend feeling like we had another set of wonderful friends and loved ones. Thanks so much Dahlin clan and we hope to see you again soon!

07 September 2012

Labor Day Weekend

Since the beginning of time, at least in my life, the Webbs have retreated to the mountains for Labor Day weekend. We have lots of birthdays around that time and my parents always rent a cabin or two (to fit all of us) and we have a blast being together in one of my favorite places on earth.

After Alabama and a few trips to see Andrew in Colorado Springs at the Air Force Academy, we kind of lost the tradition. When my parents announced we were going back to the mountains this year, 7 of us 8 kids made it there. It was a blast being all together and breathing in the fresh mountain air.

Between my dad's love for vehicles of every kind and brothers with the same passions, we has several razors and jeeps to go off-roading in. It was fun to drive up mountain trails and take in the beauty. And then there was the pool. When the Webb clan goes to the pool, there are so many of us, we usually drive away most everyone else there. I wish I could say I felt more guilty about that than I do. One of my favorite things about getting the whole family together, is watching all the nieces and nephews together. They are best of friends and I love imagining the trouble they will get into together someday. I also love hearing the little voices call out for Ronnie. They love him! They call him Uncle Boots because of his leg braces and I love seeing them gather around him because they love to tease with him or need a hug after a bang or a bump. When we got to the "cabin" mansion my parents rented, little Dean heard Ronnie was there and started yelling "Unc Boots! I coming!" Dean hasn't seen much of us but he definitely remembered he loves his "Unc Boots".

Here are a few pictures to enjoy of our weekend in Colorado:

17-almost 18 weeks

I know it has been a couple weeks, but the pregnancy has been pretty much the same: congestion, occasional bloody noses, sudden strong hunger, you know, the joys. But I have been getting more used to it and have been sleeping much better at night.

I finally got to meet my Dr. and he seems very friendly and great! He is 1 of 2 (yes 2) OBGYN's here in Rock Springs. I didn't really have much choice but he seems like he will be great. He even offered to write Ronnie a prescription to be extra nice a baby me. Ronnie does pretty well but there were some moments when I wished I could hand him one of those in the first trimester. And most exciting of all, we get to find out what we are having on Sept. 26th at 9:50 am! Can you tell I am excited? Sometimes I have to keep myself from thinking about it too much because it seems to far off and I can hardly wait!

Some of you may be wondering what we do up here other than dream of Baby Squire. Ronnie is loving his job. He works hard and I know his clients love him. They come find us when we are out and about and say hello. These are drug addicts, so for them to recognize Ronnie in public and want to say hello is not an easy thing to do. I love hearing how he plans for the groups he leads and how happy it makes him to be the provider for out family. The other day I thanked him for the wonderful life he gives me and he was BEAMING. He loves being a man, and doing his manly duty.

I had originally accepted a job as a special ed. teacher for preschool aged children, but after we found out we were having a baby, I couldn't feel right about talking the job only to then take maternity leave, and then quit as soon as the school year was over. It would be hard on the school, especially the students. At first I had a hard time not working those first few weeks. I have never turned down a job, even if it meant working a couple at a time while in school. After some adjustment time, I am loving my house wife duties and being able to cook actual meals, do laundry before we are desperate for clean clothes, and spend more time catching up with friends and family over the phone. I am working on getting paperwork in to be a substitute teacher. Wyoming's educational system is actually pretty darn good, so you have to jump through a lot of hoops to work in the schools. It is good to know they don't just let anyone step in the school. It will be nice to have something felixible to do that allows me to earn some extra cash, but take off out of town when we want to.

PS. Do you feel fall in the air? It is definitely arriving here! And check out this gorgeous Wyoming sunset

14 August 2012

A Year in Pictures

After Ronnie and I found out we were moving to Wyoming, our first task at hand was to switch phone companies. Yep, only Verizon works out here. Before we got rid of our old phones, Ronnie put all our pics on my computer. It has been fun to look back at the photos we took over that first year of marriage. I thought I'd share a few of mine because pictures are way more fun than words:

Lots of pics of nieces and nephews

And the black eye he didn't seem to notice much

Our first ER visit

I miss how little he used to be!

And of course, the broken foot

We spotted this gem on a drive to Park City. Be still my heart!

And lots and lots and lots of pictures like this. He is just so handsome I have to steal shots whenever I can

Our ever changing shadows. This was for halloween

"Moochie, take your shirt off and come play" If only, Eli, if only.

I am pretty sure this is the first friendly look he ever gave me

Lots of thrift store treasures

Temple Grandin. What a wonderful experience!

As much as I hate that they love him more than me, I love watching the nieces and nephews fall in love with my Love

We never miss an opportunity to laugh

and lots and lots of moments to fall more in love with the man who spoils me rotten

12 August 2012

13 weeks

I have been excited to write this post because it has been a great week. Over the weekend we had some of our good friends, Sable and Lance, come visit and it was so fun to have people who laugh at the same things as you around! We laughed until our cheeks hurt and ate the most delish junk food (think sugar cookie dough, with oreos, with brownies- all layered in one pan!) I am sad I didn't even take one photo, but we were having too much fun checking out Flaming Gorge and laughing to stop to take a pic.

Ok, as far a baby growing, here are this weeks highlights:

-Hungry, hungry, hippo. I try and keep the food intake under control, but starvation has been hitting hard an often this week. It makes me happy to know that our baby is ready to grow!

-Still pretty exhausted and constantly out of breath with everything I do, but I'm not sure if it is the baby, or a fat girl problem haha. Just kidding, but let's blame it on the baby.

-Headaches are happening less often, and a heating pad on the back of my neck does wonders

-FINALLY sleeping through the night. I think we figured out the magic combo of keeping the room dark and cool through the night and clearly defining the sides of our bed with a pillow in between us. 1 year of bed sharing and I have finally figured out how to take back my side of the bed! Yipee!

-I thing my gut is getting guttier. It doesn't necessarily look like a baby bump, but I definitely am having a hard time sucking the tummy in. Ronnie is excited to see a belly and rub it (this girl's stomach is usually off limits but a pregnant belly is a big exception)

SO excited to be in the 2nd trimester!

01 August 2012

12 Weeks

Now that the news it out about Baby Squire, i thought I would document how things have gone so far. Not so much that you are interested, but maybe someday I can look back and remember how things were.

The First Trimester:

- I luckily haven't been too sick. I have lost all desire to cook because the smell of food and warm food in general usually starts heading me down the path to sickness.

-I thought I had a good smeller before...I can smell EVERYTHING and the weirdest of things. I feel like a crazy lady sometimes searching out the smallest of smells. If I could I would have a Fa-breeze fan in front of my face all day long.

-Fruit, Fruit, Fruit. I can always count on fruit to be the one thing I can eat. Something about a cold, crisp apple is the only thing that is a guarantee

-Zit City. Oh, Hello Skin. I thought you were supposed to glow? Oh, you want to break out instead? Whatever. I'll just keep you white for the rest of the summer then.

-Headaches. I didn't get them until the last few weeks, but I hate that Tylenol is the only thing I can take. I might as well take a sugar cube.

-My sleeping habits are all over the place. Some nights I can hardly keep my eyes open at 9pm, but then I am wide awake at 4am.

And most of all TIRED: Walk up a flight of stairs? Need a nap. Just woke up from a nap? Time for another.

Now that I am into my 12th week, all of these symptoms are subsiding and I am getting a whole new set. Starving all morning long, less exhausted, but still trying to convince my body to stay asleep all night long.

People keep asking if I'll post baby bump pics. Uh...Fat chance. As is, I will just look fatter and unless you are already a twig, they just aren't that cute. So...don't hold your breath. Sorry.

Stay tuned for future updates!

25 July 2012

We didn't die, we just moved to Wyoming

For some of you, that might as well be dying haha! So far I am coming close to the end of my 2nd week in our new hometown, and Ronnie is finishing up his 3rd week here.

So far, so good.

The first week was a little difficult, I'm not going to lie. Not because I don't like it here or am unhappy to be here, I was BORED. The gift of organization is not one I inherited from my mom, so spending hours figuring out where would be the best location for cups and clothes is not my idea of fun. And once I was done shuffling our stuff around, I didn't have a calendar or schedule to look at to tell me what I needed to do next. After a few years of being a working woman, to suddenly jump into a few weeks worth of house wife was a bit of a shock to the system. Suddenly the things I would come home and do a quick job of doing when i got home from work (dishes, dinner, cleaning, laundry, ect) I had all day to do and it is WAY easy to procrastinate. I am sure if I had kids, friends, or much of a life outside this apartment, it would be a much different story, but I felt like such a waste.

LUCKILY, I had great family and friends that sent me lots of text and several phone calls to remind me, I am not a loser. After our first Sunday at church, I felt much better about the possibility of friends (we actually are having dinner at another couple's house tomorrow) and had some time to adjust to my new pace of life (for the time being).

So, want to hear some thing I have found that I love about where we live?

-Daily Desert Storms: almost everyday a little rainstorm rolls in and cools everything off and then rolls right back out of town

-Everyone is SO nice: People smile at me at Walmart. Nobody drives like they are out to kill you. Everyone at church notices you are new and comes and says hello. MMMM...Such a breath of fresh air!

-The National High School Rodeo Championships was here: It used to be in my hometown in Farmington and I loved walking around the arena and checking out the cowboys when I was in High School. Now they are here and I still checked out all the cute little cowboys and drooled over all the pretty horses

-Rangers (offroad golf cart type things) are literally modes of transportation for around town. Need I say more?

-LOTS of people have custom mailboxes: and by custom I mean, it looks like they took them down to the auto body shop and got a custom paint jobs. A funny thing to like, I know, but I do. It's not like everyone is trying to have the same as everyone else, they want to stand out! SO different than the 1 million homes I drove by and went into in Utah.

-Strangers call you Hun: because they are nice and don't need to know if I am Mormon, or wear garments, or went on a mission, or all those crazy things Mormons do(especially in Utah) before they feel like they can connect with you or because thats what you do when you meet someone.

-More than ever, Ronnie is my best friend. I count down the minutes until he walks in the door, and he is definitely the best looking man in town (and the whole world)

I am sure there will be a million more things I will find that I like about this place, and that list will get cut in half as soon as winter starts, but for know, it is becoming Home.

04 July 2012

And the prize for worst blogger goes to...

I know, I am terrible at new blog posts. I actually have put a lot of thought into it, and here is what I eventually came to:

Blogging takes too long and way too much thought. I am sure I will feel different when I have kids and want to talk about them more intimately.
I love reading other's blogs, but mostly want to look at pictures, and let's face it, sharing pictures on blogger is a pain in the butt.

And here is the other thing, Social networking is so much easier and, although it can be staged, (I wonder how many likes and comments I can get!) I can I do it quickly, like while I'm waiting in line somewhere, waiting for Ronnie while he is in the bathroom, yadda, yadda, yadda.

So if you want to see the silly, fun things we are up to, probably don't check blogger or Facebook. I can hardly stand getting on there. Everyone and their mom (and grandma) just repost crappy quotes, desperate cries for attention with booby filled pictures (and an occasional funny video). Right now we are into the instagram thing. It is easy, and quick!

No smart phone? That stinks. Really. I resisted until it just made sense with work. And now that I have it, I can't convince myself I don't need it anymore. Totally worth all the money I feel like I am bleeding for it.

I am not saying I will never blog again. I just felt guilty every time I looked at someone else's blog and never contributed anything for them to read. But if you want to catch up with us a little more, get instargram. Or even better, call me! I have a feeling Wyoming will get me better in touch with a less techy side of me.

02 June 2012

When it rains, it pours

We have had a lot of pouring around this home in the last few weeks. We have been feeling the blessings of hard work and are so grateful to have such an abundance of them! Want to hear abut just how crazy life has been? Here is a little time line to document the madness:

April 20th: Ronnie graduated with his Masters in Social Work
April 22nd-29th: We were planning to do a big road trip down to NM, then to AZ, and then back up to Utah to celebrate his hard work. Instead, Ronnie's car broke down in the middle of Arizona, we spent the night in a Best Westen in Heber, AZ, waited for over 7 hours in the lobby for our ride to come down from Farmington to pick us and the car up, and go back to NM.
May 4th:-9th : We went back down to NM help out with my sister Brittani's kids while she is in the Bahamas and pick up Ronnies newly repaired car (ps. Babysitting was a blast and deserves a post all of it's own)
May 14th: We sold Ronnie's car (miracle of miracles!)
May 21st: We went to Rock Springs, Wyoming for interviews. Ronnie interviewed for a substance abuse therapy position and I interviewed for a position as a special Ed preschool teacher.
May 22nd: Ronnie gets the job!
May 26th: We go back down to NM and buy a car and take some friends for a little Memorial Day vacation. I guess the third trip in a month is a charm). By the way, our new car is super cute and we are loving it!
May 29th: I get the job!

Quite the month, huh? We are excited to get Ronnies career going and to have our little Wyoming adventure! Did I ever think I would step foot in that state let alone live there? No way! But I have always wanted to live near wild horses so I guess I am getting my wish! We will be moving sometime at the end of June. We will miss being only a few minutes away from family and friends, but just another 2 1/2 hours from Provo is not too far to come visit us country people!

12 April 2012

Why do they call it HealthCARE?

So I went to the dr. today. Actually, a couple. Nothing major, don't worry. Maybe just an old injury flaring up, or arthritis. Either way, my wrist is giving me trouble and when it started spreading to fingers and elbows, I caved and went to the Dr.
I'm a bit of a baby when it comes to going to the Dr. I get nervous that they will have to hold their laughs in when I step on the scale and they ask me how tall I am. I always imagine them rolling their eyes when they leave my room and wonder what they write in my chart. I always get the "blood pressure is a titch high" comment and I always want to fire back "You think! I am nervous as Hell!" but I just smile and say "okay."
I know it is another work day for them, but just a smile, sticker, or even a "glad it's you steppin on that scale and not me!" would help me loosen up. When I go into a home for a first time to do my thing, I usually try and compliment the family on something or ask some personal questions to break the ice. I'll even say an ugly kids are cute if it helps the family feel like I care about them personally.
After the check up and blood draw it was off to radiology. Once again, explaining why I'm too lazy to change my last name, when my birthday is, and no, my grandma that has been dead since I was in 3rd grade is not my emergency contact (I think Grandma knew I needed a laugh and snuck that one in their records).
I decided I would try and brighten the radiology dept. up by giving smiles and asking them questions, but they were just polite enough to get the job done and send me on my way.
So now I'm home, ready to begin some patient waiting. Because that is part of receiving healthcare. Being a patient, and trying to embody the title.

01 February 2012

Cupid got me good

I get a little obssessed. I was flipping through my photos on my phone the other night, cleaning out all the junk pics and realized I have a rediculous amount of pictures of Ronnie. Sometimes I look across the room and he just looks so Dang cute while he plays stupid games on his phone or cradles his hand in the neck hole of his shirt and relaxes to one of our many shows. I tell myself it is okay because it is practice for when I have kids and need to snag a candid photo, but I don't think he finds it as endearing as I do. So...I thought I would share a few so you can join in on the eye candy!

17 January 2012

My how time flies

It isn't too hard to remember adults reminiscing about the days when minutes felt like hours and hours seemed liked days, and hearing the old familiar "time only goes by faster the older you get". I don't feel like 25 is all that old, but I do seem to be having a hard time staying caught up with time. The holidays were so much fun and the New Mexico and California weather seemed to melt away the number on the clock and banish the importance of minutes and hours for a little while. Suddenly, it is 2012, and I feel like I am chasing the hands of the clock, trying to catch up, but ending up spinning circles instead. Do you ever get that feeling? I am hoping that now that we are on our way back into the groove of regular life, I can give my blog a good update, and maybe even include some pictures of our holiday adventures. Let's face it, pictures are what get us to read the words. And how about a goal or two for the year? What are your New Years Resolutions?