17 January 2012

My how time flies

It isn't too hard to remember adults reminiscing about the days when minutes felt like hours and hours seemed liked days, and hearing the old familiar "time only goes by faster the older you get". I don't feel like 25 is all that old, but I do seem to be having a hard time staying caught up with time. The holidays were so much fun and the New Mexico and California weather seemed to melt away the number on the clock and banish the importance of minutes and hours for a little while. Suddenly, it is 2012, and I feel like I am chasing the hands of the clock, trying to catch up, but ending up spinning circles instead. Do you ever get that feeling? I am hoping that now that we are on our way back into the groove of regular life, I can give my blog a good update, and maybe even include some pictures of our holiday adventures. Let's face it, pictures are what get us to read the words. And how about a goal or two for the year? What are your New Years Resolutions?