15 March 2013

Henry's first month of life

What a crazy fast month it has been! I can't believe we have had our little Henry T. for a whole month, and that I lived 26 years without him. We are crazy about him and love seeing others fall in love with him as well.

Henry is such a good baby and hardly even fusses. He gave me a bit of a hard time with breastfeeding the first week, but once he got it down, he has been a champ. He usually eats about every 3 hours during the day and will go about every 4 hours at night (and some nights he will even go for a 5 hour stretch if we are lucky!

He is such a sweet baby and loves to be swaddled and snuggled tight. When we lay him down to sleep in his bassinet, he will soothe himself to sleep with his binky and is getting good and holding it in his mouth on his own. We often catch him holding it on with his own little hand. He loves to sleep with his hands near his face and we will often find them clasped together.

He makes the sweetest little noises and loves to lay and kick and "talk" each morning. He came out smiling and social. He loves to hear his mom and dad's voices and will often turn his head towards us if we aren't holding him but he hears us.

I like to think Henry is especially fond of his mom and I absolutely love being the expert on him. I know exactly how he likes to be held and that if he is squirmy for others he will calm down when he is placed in my arms. If I walk by and he sees me, he will turn his head and watch me. He is getting great at tracking with his eyes and is now tracking with his head as well.

I love running my fingers through his long, dark hair at the bottom of his head, and he is getting stronger and stronger at holding his head up for a few seconds on his own. If we place him on his back, he will wiggle his way until he is laying on his side. The nurses in the hospital could hardly believe how good he was at flipping onto his side on his own.

He is a tough little guy, but has such a sweet personality. When he has been poked and prodded by doctors and nurses, he will give out a little yell, but then quickly calms down. He didn't like being shoved around by the lactation consultants and does much better with a gentle touch. Just like his daddy, he is tough when he needs to be, but is a sensitive soul. We really could not have asked for a better baby! I LOVE being a mom and feel so lucky that it is my job. I love showing him off and can hardly wait until I can drag him all around town with me a watch others ooo and awww at him.

As far as we can tell, we think he looks like Ronnie's little clone but with my nose. His eyes are turning a deep, beautiful blue and are gorgeous in the sunlight. I wouldn't be surprised if they turn green eventually. Sometimes they look there is some dark green hiding behind the blue but we will just have to see.
(see the split pic above of Ronnie when he was a baby on top, and Henry on bottom)

I have always wanted a little buddy and feel extremely blessed that Henry is mine!