25 July 2012

We didn't die, we just moved to Wyoming

For some of you, that might as well be dying haha! So far I am coming close to the end of my 2nd week in our new hometown, and Ronnie is finishing up his 3rd week here.

So far, so good.

The first week was a little difficult, I'm not going to lie. Not because I don't like it here or am unhappy to be here, I was BORED. The gift of organization is not one I inherited from my mom, so spending hours figuring out where would be the best location for cups and clothes is not my idea of fun. And once I was done shuffling our stuff around, I didn't have a calendar or schedule to look at to tell me what I needed to do next. After a few years of being a working woman, to suddenly jump into a few weeks worth of house wife was a bit of a shock to the system. Suddenly the things I would come home and do a quick job of doing when i got home from work (dishes, dinner, cleaning, laundry, ect) I had all day to do and it is WAY easy to procrastinate. I am sure if I had kids, friends, or much of a life outside this apartment, it would be a much different story, but I felt like such a waste.

LUCKILY, I had great family and friends that sent me lots of text and several phone calls to remind me, I am not a loser. After our first Sunday at church, I felt much better about the possibility of friends (we actually are having dinner at another couple's house tomorrow) and had some time to adjust to my new pace of life (for the time being).

So, want to hear some thing I have found that I love about where we live?

-Daily Desert Storms: almost everyday a little rainstorm rolls in and cools everything off and then rolls right back out of town

-Everyone is SO nice: People smile at me at Walmart. Nobody drives like they are out to kill you. Everyone at church notices you are new and comes and says hello. MMMM...Such a breath of fresh air!

-The National High School Rodeo Championships was here: It used to be in my hometown in Farmington and I loved walking around the arena and checking out the cowboys when I was in High School. Now they are here and I still checked out all the cute little cowboys and drooled over all the pretty horses

-Rangers (offroad golf cart type things) are literally modes of transportation for around town. Need I say more?

-LOTS of people have custom mailboxes: and by custom I mean, it looks like they took them down to the auto body shop and got a custom paint jobs. A funny thing to like, I know, but I do. It's not like everyone is trying to have the same as everyone else, they want to stand out! SO different than the 1 million homes I drove by and went into in Utah.

-Strangers call you Hun: because they are nice and don't need to know if I am Mormon, or wear garments, or went on a mission, or all those crazy things Mormons do(especially in Utah) before they feel like they can connect with you or because thats what you do when you meet someone.

-More than ever, Ronnie is my best friend. I count down the minutes until he walks in the door, and he is definitely the best looking man in town (and the whole world)

I am sure there will be a million more things I will find that I like about this place, and that list will get cut in half as soon as winter starts, but for know, it is becoming Home.

04 July 2012

And the prize for worst blogger goes to...

I know, I am terrible at new blog posts. I actually have put a lot of thought into it, and here is what I eventually came to:

Blogging takes too long and way too much thought. I am sure I will feel different when I have kids and want to talk about them more intimately.
I love reading other's blogs, but mostly want to look at pictures, and let's face it, sharing pictures on blogger is a pain in the butt.

And here is the other thing, Social networking is so much easier and, although it can be staged, (I wonder how many likes and comments I can get!) I can I do it quickly, like while I'm waiting in line somewhere, waiting for Ronnie while he is in the bathroom, yadda, yadda, yadda.

So if you want to see the silly, fun things we are up to, probably don't check blogger or Facebook. I can hardly stand getting on there. Everyone and their mom (and grandma) just repost crappy quotes, desperate cries for attention with booby filled pictures (and an occasional funny video). Right now we are into the instagram thing. It is easy, and quick!

No smart phone? That stinks. Really. I resisted until it just made sense with work. And now that I have it, I can't convince myself I don't need it anymore. Totally worth all the money I feel like I am bleeding for it.

I am not saying I will never blog again. I just felt guilty every time I looked at someone else's blog and never contributed anything for them to read. But if you want to catch up with us a little more, get instargram. Or even better, call me! I have a feeling Wyoming will get me better in touch with a less techy side of me.