18 September 2012

Another cabin retreat

This weekend we retreated back into nature, but this time, in Wyoming. One of Ronnie's favorite friends from his masters program was going to his family's cabin just an hour and a half drive away from us. Matt and his wife Val were kind enough to invite us along and Matt's family willingly let these two unknowns join the party. Within minutes of meeting everyone, we felt right at home.
Matt and Val are expecting their second little girl in November and we fell in love with their other spit fire little girl, Berkley. All weekend long, we kept saying, "We wouldnt' mind a all if we have a girl and she is as fun as Berkely." Val is a talented photographer and pulled Ronnie and me out into the beautiful fall leaves and snapped a few photos of us. (I promise my belly isn't a massive as it looks, the shirt I was wearing is pretty tent like and exaggerated the round happening everywhere)
It was fun being able to sleep in, relax, stay up way too late talking about Mexican food, go canoeing, and go swimming at a pretty amazing Rec center. We had so much fun with the Dahlin's and left the weekend feeling like we had another set of wonderful friends and loved ones. Thanks so much Dahlin clan and we hope to see you again soon!


  1. stop making excises for the belly. I love it and it is beautiful!!!!!

  2. great pictures! i would love to have val take pictures for us some day!:)
    sounds like an awesome little retreat with some awesome people! we love the dahlins!!

  3. Love, love, LOVE the belly. Wear it with pride! Other than when u were a toddler, it is the only time you get to have one and be cute. Embrace it!

  4. sooooo pretty! you are beautiful.
    sorry i haven't been on here for awhile!
    life is too fast!