29 October 2012

25 Weeks

Can you believe how quickly time is going? I am almost 2/3 of the way through with this pregnancy and am happy with how much better the 2nd trimester has been, even though my first trimester was a piece of cake compared to most peoples. I did want to record a few of things that I have experienced this trimester before I get into the huge, waddling penguin phase.

-Bye Bye headaches: I rarely if ever have headaches now and am grateful for it!
-Hungry, Hungry Hippo: I will go through spurts where I cannot eat enough! I try and eat little healthy snacks to try and trick my body into thinking that it will be just fine, but until I get a good hearty meal, there is no taming the hungry beast inside.
Move Baby Move- The little man doesn't move a whole lot during the day but he will roll around after a sugary treat, a good meal, and at night when I'm trying to get comfortable. I love having Ronnie feel him kick around and he even gave my sister-in-law Annie a little high five through the womb.
A little embarrassingly emotional- You've probably read about the emotions in my previous post, but I really feel stupid every time I tear about about a sudden strong emotion.
Snoring:This is new, and quite irritating. Poor Ronnie has to give me a good shove at night but unfortunately it has nothing to do with my sleeping position. I don't get congested like I used to, but when the Sandman comes he must make my nasal passages swell shut. Strange things happen when you grow a baby.

The question I probably get the most is "Have you been craving anything crazy?" I don't think I have really had any craving, just foods I suddenly really like and choose to eat when I am starving or need a little something to get me through until mealtime. Want to hear them?
-Bananas: I have never really loved bananas but now I have to buy at least one for everyday of the week.
-Peanut butter and banana sandwiches: Ronnie laughs every time I crawl into bed with one of these in tow. Midnight usually comes with a sudden pang of hunger, and one of these gets me through the night very happily
-Cold, cold water- I have always been terrible at drinking enough water but there is something so satisfying about gulping down a bottle of ice cold water now. Our little apartment is littered with water bottles all over the place

I know, so boring. Ronnie is perfectly happy that I don't make him rush out and get me strange things, but I really should take advantage of that while I can. I might just try that tonight. "I need McDonalds french fries STAT!"

14 October 2012

Pregnancy Hormones

Sometimes I feel like a walking hormone storage facility. Having a touch of the flu this week hasn't seemed to help the situation. One moment I am feeling great, admiring how thick and cooperative my hair has been on prenatal vitamins, and the next I am crying because my belly is causing all sorts of inconveniences.

Hello, that thing is way too big for only being 23 weeks along. And those swollen fingers....

Ronnie has been so patient as we go to bed and I suddenly start crying because I am so tired, or I can't get comfortable, or my garment top won't stay tucked into my bottoms anymore, or whatever ridiculous thought crosses my brain. He will sweetly scratch my back or tell me how beautiful he thinks I am, which will lead me to cry even more because I appreciate him so much and then I get carried away in my thoughts and think about how I would absolutely die if something ever happened to him. He usually will just start laughing at me and distract me with something funny, and before I know it, I am asleep.

I have also recently become obsessed with fixing up the nursery and making it into something I would be proud of. I am usually to lazy and cheap to actually decorate so I am blaming the "nesting" hormones for kicking in early. I have spent WAY too much time on Pinterest gathering ideas, and holding myself back from impulsively buying all sorts of treasures. Luckily for our budget, I made Ronnie agree to participate in "Lock-tober" with me where we don't spend money on anything that isn't a bill, groceries, or a date. It has helped us find that extra cash in our budget to buy airline tickets for Christmas and not make me stress out so much.

With winter quickly approaching, I do want to get some painting projects done before it's too cold. Here is where I need some opinions. We are doing a vintage cowboy/southwestern theme. Mostly because that is what we have already laying around the house, and because is it just so darn cute.

Here is the dresser we are using and will put a changing pad on top of. It is quite long, and truthfully I am not a huge fan of this dresser. Ronnie "refinished" it in his single days, and is very proud of it, but it really doesn't do a whole lot for me. I was a little irked when he insisted it moved with us.

This is is with the middle door on:

But I will most likely keep it off to keep supplies handy in these little drawers:
I will definitely change the hardware and have found some cool vintage hardware on Etsy.

The dresser doesn't match our crib at all so I am thinking about painting it's "bones" grey and re-staining the top and drawers a richer, warmer brown color. I may even get a little crazy and do gold instead, or just do the whole thing in navy.

The crib, so graciously given to us by my sister Brittani, goes well with just about anything, so we will most likely put some simple grey bedding with blue and red accents to bring in the cowboy feel.

And here is some awesome vintage fabric I scored at goodwill for $1. I am hoping my sister Chelsey will help me make it into some pillows to throw into the crib to add some more southwest to the room.

I need to re-stain the frame on this, but I love this ugly sand painting I got at a thrift store back home for less than $5. When I showed it to my dad he may have winced a little bit, but then again, he has sand paintings of kittens crawling out of Indian pots. I like this the simplicity of this one.

We have an old, primitive wooden toolbox I got off of KSL that I want to figure out how to mount on the wall and use as a bookshelf. I will be learning how to do all sorts of interesting things with tools.

I also have this old frame I have been hanging onto and want to put a print of Leonardo Da Vinci's "Study of Horses" into.

I have been looking around to find some cool old antlers (just antlers, no head. yuck)to mount above the crib, but I may change my mind if I can get my hands on a cheap indian rug when I am home in a few weeks to watch my brother's kids. I LOVE the thrift stores in NM. They are so cheap and I kind of have a thing for junk. So if you drive by something in the trash and thing, "Mikael would probably like that old __________" you just pull on over, throw in the back of your car, and I will clean it up and love you forever.

I would love to add a rug to cover up our ugly dentist office carpet, but I also want Ronnie to be able to go into the nursery in the middle of the night without his "boots" on and not worry about him biffing it on the rug.

So here is what I want some opinions on...
1. What in the heck do I do with that dresser?
2. If you have kids, did you use a glider or a rocking chair? We might be able to squeeze a rocking chair in there, but a glider would probably be too big.
3. Any other nursery, decorative, or tips on how to make the room more functional are MORE than welcome.

05 October 2012


I know the news has been out for over a week, but it still makes me smile every time I think about the small little boy we will meet in February! The night before our appointment we went to bed so excited that neither one of us really slept. When we got to the office, we met with the Dr. and he told us they didn't schedule us for an ultrasound, so he would do it for us instead. THANK GOODNESS! I told him there would either be a dead patient or dead Dr. if is didn't happen that day.
I am so glad we go to do the ultrasound with my Dr. He spent lots of time with us and pointed out every little perfect thing about our baby. And then suddenly the "weather pattern" (as Ronnie calls it) on the screen was labeled BOY!
We have been on cloud nine as we imagine what our little guy will look like and how fun it is going to be to love on him. I have been having fun looking for things to turn our 2nd bedroom into a little cowboy nursery. There isn't a ton you can do when you are renting, but I just can't wait to bring some southwestern style to our little guy's room.
A couple days after the ultrasound we went to California for Ronnie's uncles funeral. Even though it wasn't the greatest of circumstances to get together with family, it was so great to be with Ronnie's family and in a warm place. We hadn't seen Ronnie's sister Shauna, her husband Alex, and their two kids since Christmas WAY too long. Shauna is pregnant with her 3rd and we are so excited to have a cousin so close in age to our baby.
I started watching two boys a couple times a week. It is a great little job that will still let me have a flexible schedule to leave town and that I can be done with at the end of the year. It is quickly becoming cold here so it is nice to have something to help the rest of the year go by a little quicker.
This Monday will be 22 weeks!