07 September 2012

17-almost 18 weeks

I know it has been a couple weeks, but the pregnancy has been pretty much the same: congestion, occasional bloody noses, sudden strong hunger, you know, the joys. But I have been getting more used to it and have been sleeping much better at night.

I finally got to meet my Dr. and he seems very friendly and great! He is 1 of 2 (yes 2) OBGYN's here in Rock Springs. I didn't really have much choice but he seems like he will be great. He even offered to write Ronnie a prescription to be extra nice a baby me. Ronnie does pretty well but there were some moments when I wished I could hand him one of those in the first trimester. And most exciting of all, we get to find out what we are having on Sept. 26th at 9:50 am! Can you tell I am excited? Sometimes I have to keep myself from thinking about it too much because it seems to far off and I can hardly wait!

Some of you may be wondering what we do up here other than dream of Baby Squire. Ronnie is loving his job. He works hard and I know his clients love him. They come find us when we are out and about and say hello. These are drug addicts, so for them to recognize Ronnie in public and want to say hello is not an easy thing to do. I love hearing how he plans for the groups he leads and how happy it makes him to be the provider for out family. The other day I thanked him for the wonderful life he gives me and he was BEAMING. He loves being a man, and doing his manly duty.

I had originally accepted a job as a special ed. teacher for preschool aged children, but after we found out we were having a baby, I couldn't feel right about talking the job only to then take maternity leave, and then quit as soon as the school year was over. It would be hard on the school, especially the students. At first I had a hard time not working those first few weeks. I have never turned down a job, even if it meant working a couple at a time while in school. After some adjustment time, I am loving my house wife duties and being able to cook actual meals, do laundry before we are desperate for clean clothes, and spend more time catching up with friends and family over the phone. I am working on getting paperwork in to be a substitute teacher. Wyoming's educational system is actually pretty darn good, so you have to jump through a lot of hoops to work in the schools. It is good to know they don't just let anyone step in the school. It will be nice to have something felixible to do that allows me to earn some extra cash, but take off out of town when we want to.

PS. Do you feel fall in the air? It is definitely arriving here! And check out this gorgeous Wyoming sunset


  1. i can't wait for you guys to find out what you're having!!!!!! I didn't know you were that far along already!