14 August 2012

A Year in Pictures

After Ronnie and I found out we were moving to Wyoming, our first task at hand was to switch phone companies. Yep, only Verizon works out here. Before we got rid of our old phones, Ronnie put all our pics on my computer. It has been fun to look back at the photos we took over that first year of marriage. I thought I'd share a few of mine because pictures are way more fun than words:

Lots of pics of nieces and nephews

And the black eye he didn't seem to notice much

Our first ER visit

I miss how little he used to be!

And of course, the broken foot

We spotted this gem on a drive to Park City. Be still my heart!

And lots and lots and lots of pictures like this. He is just so handsome I have to steal shots whenever I can

Our ever changing shadows. This was for halloween

"Moochie, take your shirt off and come play" If only, Eli, if only.

I am pretty sure this is the first friendly look he ever gave me

Lots of thrift store treasures

Temple Grandin. What a wonderful experience!

As much as I hate that they love him more than me, I love watching the nieces and nephews fall in love with my Love

We never miss an opportunity to laugh

and lots and lots of moments to fall more in love with the man who spoils me rotten

12 August 2012

13 weeks

I have been excited to write this post because it has been a great week. Over the weekend we had some of our good friends, Sable and Lance, come visit and it was so fun to have people who laugh at the same things as you around! We laughed until our cheeks hurt and ate the most delish junk food (think sugar cookie dough, with oreos, with brownies- all layered in one pan!) I am sad I didn't even take one photo, but we were having too much fun checking out Flaming Gorge and laughing to stop to take a pic.

Ok, as far a baby growing, here are this weeks highlights:

-Hungry, hungry, hippo. I try and keep the food intake under control, but starvation has been hitting hard an often this week. It makes me happy to know that our baby is ready to grow!

-Still pretty exhausted and constantly out of breath with everything I do, but I'm not sure if it is the baby, or a fat girl problem haha. Just kidding, but let's blame it on the baby.

-Headaches are happening less often, and a heating pad on the back of my neck does wonders

-FINALLY sleeping through the night. I think we figured out the magic combo of keeping the room dark and cool through the night and clearly defining the sides of our bed with a pillow in between us. 1 year of bed sharing and I have finally figured out how to take back my side of the bed! Yipee!

-I thing my gut is getting guttier. It doesn't necessarily look like a baby bump, but I definitely am having a hard time sucking the tummy in. Ronnie is excited to see a belly and rub it (this girl's stomach is usually off limits but a pregnant belly is a big exception)

SO excited to be in the 2nd trimester!

01 August 2012

12 Weeks

Now that the news it out about Baby Squire, i thought I would document how things have gone so far. Not so much that you are interested, but maybe someday I can look back and remember how things were.

The First Trimester:

- I luckily haven't been too sick. I have lost all desire to cook because the smell of food and warm food in general usually starts heading me down the path to sickness.

-I thought I had a good smeller before...I can smell EVERYTHING and the weirdest of things. I feel like a crazy lady sometimes searching out the smallest of smells. If I could I would have a Fa-breeze fan in front of my face all day long.

-Fruit, Fruit, Fruit. I can always count on fruit to be the one thing I can eat. Something about a cold, crisp apple is the only thing that is a guarantee

-Zit City. Oh, Hello Skin. I thought you were supposed to glow? Oh, you want to break out instead? Whatever. I'll just keep you white for the rest of the summer then.

-Headaches. I didn't get them until the last few weeks, but I hate that Tylenol is the only thing I can take. I might as well take a sugar cube.

-My sleeping habits are all over the place. Some nights I can hardly keep my eyes open at 9pm, but then I am wide awake at 4am.

And most of all TIRED: Walk up a flight of stairs? Need a nap. Just woke up from a nap? Time for another.

Now that I am into my 12th week, all of these symptoms are subsiding and I am getting a whole new set. Starving all morning long, less exhausted, but still trying to convince my body to stay asleep all night long.

People keep asking if I'll post baby bump pics. Uh...Fat chance. As is, I will just look fatter and unless you are already a twig, they just aren't that cute. So...don't hold your breath. Sorry.

Stay tuned for future updates!