07 September 2012

Labor Day Weekend

Since the beginning of time, at least in my life, the Webbs have retreated to the mountains for Labor Day weekend. We have lots of birthdays around that time and my parents always rent a cabin or two (to fit all of us) and we have a blast being together in one of my favorite places on earth.

After Alabama and a few trips to see Andrew in Colorado Springs at the Air Force Academy, we kind of lost the tradition. When my parents announced we were going back to the mountains this year, 7 of us 8 kids made it there. It was a blast being all together and breathing in the fresh mountain air.

Between my dad's love for vehicles of every kind and brothers with the same passions, we has several razors and jeeps to go off-roading in. It was fun to drive up mountain trails and take in the beauty. And then there was the pool. When the Webb clan goes to the pool, there are so many of us, we usually drive away most everyone else there. I wish I could say I felt more guilty about that than I do. One of my favorite things about getting the whole family together, is watching all the nieces and nephews together. They are best of friends and I love imagining the trouble they will get into together someday. I also love hearing the little voices call out for Ronnie. They love him! They call him Uncle Boots because of his leg braces and I love seeing them gather around him because they love to tease with him or need a hug after a bang or a bump. When we got to the "cabin" mansion my parents rented, little Dean heard Ronnie was there and started yelling "Unc Boots! I coming!" Dean hasn't seen much of us but he definitely remembered he loves his "Unc Boots".

Here are a few pictures to enjoy of our weekend in Colorado: