22 November 2012

Spoke too soon

Well, If you haven't heard, our time in Wyoming has expired much quicker than we imagined and we are headed back to Utah. Ronnie was offered a great job working at a boarding school doing individual, family, and substance abuse therapy with the students from families who pay more in tuition each month than we will ever pay in tithing each year haha! It was kind of a no brainer to accept the job, and one of the best perks is that he will get to work with one of his good friends and they will carpool from Salt Lake to just outside of Park City together.

So, for the second time this pregnancy, I will be packing boxes and setting up shop in hopes to prepare a nice little home before this baby arrives. During our first move, I was still in the first trimester and working full time. Packing happened after work, between naps, and when I didn't think I was going to spew all over everything.

This time around, we made the decision over the phone. I was in New Mexico for close to two weeks (I will do a post on that adventure soon)watching my brothers kids. I will have much more time on my hands during the day to pack (now that I am back in WY) it is just the motivation I am lacking.
The 3rd trimester has hit me with a brand new wave of fatigue and nausea. Poor Ronnie is so excited about this move (and I am as well) but I usually start getting teary eyed just thinking about packing a box. Luckily we have this whole holiday weekend to work on it together.

Yesterday I had another ultrasound along with my glucose test (yuck! but no gestational diabetes here) another blood draw for something I am pretty sure they have already checked, the whooping cough vaccination, and the flu shot. I am so glad I had the ultrasound to motivate me to go to the appointment. The umbilical cord is supposed to have one main vein and two arteries. Mine has just one artery. The Dr recommended doing an ultrasound each month just to keep an eye on the baby's growth. Well, at 28 1/2 weeks along, the little guy is measuring 2 weeks ahead of schedule (so he is measuring at 30 weeks!) My due date has always been a little questionable, so who knows when this son of ours will decide to come. No single artery umbilical cord could keep this kid from growing. We finally got to see his cute little face and I haven't been able to stop staring at it since. I will just have to hang that blurry, fuzzy, ultrasound pic up where ever I am packing and use that as motivation.

So with 3 (or maybe even less) months left, we have been asked if we have a name yet. For some reason it feels strange naming someone we haven't met yet. Our list of names has been narrowed down but we haven't spent much time talking about it. We haven't even started tossing around middle names. There aren't that many family names left on my side of the family, but he will be the 3rd grandkid on Ronnie's side, we have plenty to choose from on his side, but we very likely could choose a very neutral name. I learned my lesson the hard way that names really aren't that fun to talk about before the baby is here. Once you name the kid, nobody can really give their opinion, but for some reason beforehand, people think its okay to tell you what they think you should name the child you are working so hard to grow. (don't worry, if you have said you like one of the names I have shared with you, I love that) I know I have been guilty of name suggesting before. Lesson learned.

Now that my thoughts have jumped around for much to long, I will wrap up and wish you a Happy Thanksgiving! Ronnie and I will be enjoying this one just the two of us! We are going to take it easy and count our many blessings as we prepare for the many adventures ahead!