12 April 2012

Why do they call it HealthCARE?

So I went to the dr. today. Actually, a couple. Nothing major, don't worry. Maybe just an old injury flaring up, or arthritis. Either way, my wrist is giving me trouble and when it started spreading to fingers and elbows, I caved and went to the Dr.
I'm a bit of a baby when it comes to going to the Dr. I get nervous that they will have to hold their laughs in when I step on the scale and they ask me how tall I am. I always imagine them rolling their eyes when they leave my room and wonder what they write in my chart. I always get the "blood pressure is a titch high" comment and I always want to fire back "You think! I am nervous as Hell!" but I just smile and say "okay."
I know it is another work day for them, but just a smile, sticker, or even a "glad it's you steppin on that scale and not me!" would help me loosen up. When I go into a home for a first time to do my thing, I usually try and compliment the family on something or ask some personal questions to break the ice. I'll even say an ugly kids are cute if it helps the family feel like I care about them personally.
After the check up and blood draw it was off to radiology. Once again, explaining why I'm too lazy to change my last name, when my birthday is, and no, my grandma that has been dead since I was in 3rd grade is not my emergency contact (I think Grandma knew I needed a laugh and snuck that one in their records).
I decided I would try and brighten the radiology dept. up by giving smiles and asking them questions, but they were just polite enough to get the job done and send me on my way.
So now I'm home, ready to begin some patient waiting. Because that is part of receiving healthcare. Being a patient, and trying to embody the title.