02 June 2012

When it rains, it pours

We have had a lot of pouring around this home in the last few weeks. We have been feeling the blessings of hard work and are so grateful to have such an abundance of them! Want to hear abut just how crazy life has been? Here is a little time line to document the madness:

April 20th: Ronnie graduated with his Masters in Social Work
April 22nd-29th: We were planning to do a big road trip down to NM, then to AZ, and then back up to Utah to celebrate his hard work. Instead, Ronnie's car broke down in the middle of Arizona, we spent the night in a Best Westen in Heber, AZ, waited for over 7 hours in the lobby for our ride to come down from Farmington to pick us and the car up, and go back to NM.
May 4th:-9th : We went back down to NM help out with my sister Brittani's kids while she is in the Bahamas and pick up Ronnies newly repaired car (ps. Babysitting was a blast and deserves a post all of it's own)
May 14th: We sold Ronnie's car (miracle of miracles!)
May 21st: We went to Rock Springs, Wyoming for interviews. Ronnie interviewed for a substance abuse therapy position and I interviewed for a position as a special Ed preschool teacher.
May 22nd: Ronnie gets the job!
May 26th: We go back down to NM and buy a car and take some friends for a little Memorial Day vacation. I guess the third trip in a month is a charm). By the way, our new car is super cute and we are loving it!
May 29th: I get the job!

Quite the month, huh? We are excited to get Ronnies career going and to have our little Wyoming adventure! Did I ever think I would step foot in that state let alone live there? No way! But I have always wanted to live near wild horses so I guess I am getting my wish! We will be moving sometime at the end of June. We will miss being only a few minutes away from family and friends, but just another 2 1/2 hours from Provo is not too far to come visit us country people!