05 October 2012


I know the news has been out for over a week, but it still makes me smile every time I think about the small little boy we will meet in February! The night before our appointment we went to bed so excited that neither one of us really slept. When we got to the office, we met with the Dr. and he told us they didn't schedule us for an ultrasound, so he would do it for us instead. THANK GOODNESS! I told him there would either be a dead patient or dead Dr. if is didn't happen that day.
I am so glad we go to do the ultrasound with my Dr. He spent lots of time with us and pointed out every little perfect thing about our baby. And then suddenly the "weather pattern" (as Ronnie calls it) on the screen was labeled BOY!
We have been on cloud nine as we imagine what our little guy will look like and how fun it is going to be to love on him. I have been having fun looking for things to turn our 2nd bedroom into a little cowboy nursery. There isn't a ton you can do when you are renting, but I just can't wait to bring some southwestern style to our little guy's room.
A couple days after the ultrasound we went to California for Ronnie's uncles funeral. Even though it wasn't the greatest of circumstances to get together with family, it was so great to be with Ronnie's family and in a warm place. We hadn't seen Ronnie's sister Shauna, her husband Alex, and their two kids since Christmas WAY too long. Shauna is pregnant with her 3rd and we are so excited to have a cousin so close in age to our baby.
I started watching two boys a couple times a week. It is a great little job that will still let me have a flexible schedule to leave town and that I can be done with at the end of the year. It is quickly becoming cold here so it is nice to have something to help the rest of the year go by a little quicker.
This Monday will be 22 weeks!

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