19 September 2012

Boy or Girl?

It feels like we have been waiting to know the answer to this question forever. I don't know if it was dumb luck or or what, but we found out about Baby Squire earlier than usual. I was probably somewhere between 2-3 weeks along.

With the first trimester, I was concentrating on not letting others notice how tired and terrible I felt, and being right in the middle of a move, and looking forward to just telling people, that it seemed to go by pretty quickly. But now that the news is out and life has slowed down, the days tick by slowly and I probably spend way too much time thinking about what we might be having.

The thought of having a girl terrifies me. Sometimes when I think back on what kind of little girl I was, I have to think that my parents must have wondered what in the world they were handed. I often cried to my mom that being a girl was no fun. I wanted to climb trees, throw rocks, and built forts like my brothers. I wanted G.I. Joes to play with in the tub, and can label each scar to a competition or dare. Bruises and breaks don't scare me. Boy talk and emotions do. So what would I want for my little girl if I were given one? And how in the world do I raise a child, boy or girl, once they pass the age of 5?

To help get my mind off of obsessing over what gender our baby might be, I have been thinking about what I would want for our baby, whether The Nugget is a boy or girl.

-Confidence: It kills me to see so may girls and boys put so much worth into looks and how many compliments (facebook friends, likes on a photo, or attention)they get from others, and not the very voice inside their head and the feeling we are so abundantly blessed with. The thing I will work hardest at as a mother will be helping my children (boys or girls) discover confidence in themselves. For my child to know themselves and find absolute strength in that, would bring me more happiness than any other thing they could do.

Passion: It can be hard discovering your passion in life. I am sure during childhood their interests and passions will change nearly everyday, but I would rather have our children explore them early, so they would know what to pursue later on in life.

A Love for Learning: I was meant to be born when President Hinckley continually urged the youth to get as much education as possible. I hope my kids would find excitement at the possibility or learning and experiences that education can bring. Whether it's learning through a telescope lens or from a book, I hope learning is exciting! I was able to meet people, go places, and see things I dreamed about because of my education. I look forward to the day I can continue my education and hope that my kids will take every opportunity education can give them.

Kindness: This is something I personally have to put hard work into, but I know how happy it makes me when I know I have helped someone else. I hope my children learn how helping others and showing them kindness will bring them happiness.

and of course A Personal Relationship with God: There are only so many things Ronnie and I can do as parents, but one set of parents is never enough. Our children will need their Heavenly Father more than us at times. He can do much better than us, and there may be times we just have to turn things over to Him, but I can help them learn how to get to know Him.

This next little part might be strange to some, but I find it completely normal think about and consider. (I have been working in this field and know it is always a possibility). What if our baby doesn't come as expected? What if the ten fingers and toes come with a complicated and rare syndrome, or an extra dose of unexpected?

Of course it will be a shock, and a struggle, but I know we would love our baby no matter what. I know my family would celebrate the perfection of our baby, no matter what form perfection comes in. The abundance of love from those we love would help us get through the unexpected, and our dreams may be a little different, but I would still want all of the above for our child. Learning may look different, but it will still be just as important. Confidence, kindness, and passion will be things I learn more perfectly than I could possibly teach.

So with just one week left, it is time to get your guesses in!Comment and let me know what you think we are having, and I always love hearing why!


  1. I'm positive that you would be a GREAT mom to a little girl. You were one of my favorite "girl" friends in college :)

  2. Whatever she, I mean the baby ;), is it will be perfect. Oh and having an awesome baby shower is on the list too.

  3. I am feeling boy, it just seems to fit. But since the girl name is so easy, that means it will probably be a girl!

  4. I really have no feeling, Harley just wants it to be a girl really bad

  5. You will be an awesome mom of a boy or a girl :)

    (I'm glad you posted this on facebook because I've been meaning to ask you for your blog address!)

  6. I just found your blog. How exciting for me! I'm glad all seems to be going well in wy. I think its a boy but if you git a girl you would have tons of fun too. I love girls. In case you want to stay updated on this end my family blog is jamesandlauri.blogspot.com

  7. boy!!!! though i had a dream you had a girl...but i still vote boy.

  8. I just discovered your blog from facebook. I'm excited for you and your growing family. I think it will be a boy. - Adam

  9. I did not know you had a blog! You guys are going to kick-a with whatever baby you have. A little greaser boy, or a little pin-up girl. (can I say that about a baby? is that gross?) We miss you like crazy, by the way!

  10. Whatever it it- we love him/her!!! Think it is a boy though.....