12 August 2012

13 weeks

I have been excited to write this post because it has been a great week. Over the weekend we had some of our good friends, Sable and Lance, come visit and it was so fun to have people who laugh at the same things as you around! We laughed until our cheeks hurt and ate the most delish junk food (think sugar cookie dough, with oreos, with brownies- all layered in one pan!) I am sad I didn't even take one photo, but we were having too much fun checking out Flaming Gorge and laughing to stop to take a pic.

Ok, as far a baby growing, here are this weeks highlights:

-Hungry, hungry, hippo. I try and keep the food intake under control, but starvation has been hitting hard an often this week. It makes me happy to know that our baby is ready to grow!

-Still pretty exhausted and constantly out of breath with everything I do, but I'm not sure if it is the baby, or a fat girl problem haha. Just kidding, but let's blame it on the baby.

-Headaches are happening less often, and a heating pad on the back of my neck does wonders

-FINALLY sleeping through the night. I think we figured out the magic combo of keeping the room dark and cool through the night and clearly defining the sides of our bed with a pillow in between us. 1 year of bed sharing and I have finally figured out how to take back my side of the bed! Yipee!

-I thing my gut is getting guttier. It doesn't necessarily look like a baby bump, but I definitely am having a hard time sucking the tummy in. Ronnie is excited to see a belly and rub it (this girl's stomach is usually off limits but a pregnant belly is a big exception)

SO excited to be in the 2nd trimester!

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  1. Love to hear about all this, but can't wait to see you