29 October 2012

25 Weeks

Can you believe how quickly time is going? I am almost 2/3 of the way through with this pregnancy and am happy with how much better the 2nd trimester has been, even though my first trimester was a piece of cake compared to most peoples. I did want to record a few of things that I have experienced this trimester before I get into the huge, waddling penguin phase.

-Bye Bye headaches: I rarely if ever have headaches now and am grateful for it!
-Hungry, Hungry Hippo: I will go through spurts where I cannot eat enough! I try and eat little healthy snacks to try and trick my body into thinking that it will be just fine, but until I get a good hearty meal, there is no taming the hungry beast inside.
Move Baby Move- The little man doesn't move a whole lot during the day but he will roll around after a sugary treat, a good meal, and at night when I'm trying to get comfortable. I love having Ronnie feel him kick around and he even gave my sister-in-law Annie a little high five through the womb.
A little embarrassingly emotional- You've probably read about the emotions in my previous post, but I really feel stupid every time I tear about about a sudden strong emotion.
Snoring:This is new, and quite irritating. Poor Ronnie has to give me a good shove at night but unfortunately it has nothing to do with my sleeping position. I don't get congested like I used to, but when the Sandman comes he must make my nasal passages swell shut. Strange things happen when you grow a baby.

The question I probably get the most is "Have you been craving anything crazy?" I don't think I have really had any craving, just foods I suddenly really like and choose to eat when I am starving or need a little something to get me through until mealtime. Want to hear them?
-Bananas: I have never really loved bananas but now I have to buy at least one for everyday of the week.
-Peanut butter and banana sandwiches: Ronnie laughs every time I crawl into bed with one of these in tow. Midnight usually comes with a sudden pang of hunger, and one of these gets me through the night very happily
-Cold, cold water- I have always been terrible at drinking enough water but there is something so satisfying about gulping down a bottle of ice cold water now. Our little apartment is littered with water bottles all over the place

I know, so boring. Ronnie is perfectly happy that I don't make him rush out and get me strange things, but I really should take advantage of that while I can. I might just try that tonight. "I need McDonalds french fries STAT!"


  1. i love reading your posts...they're always so witty!
    it's a good thing that you crave mostly healthy foods. for me, i can't get enough of jalapenos this pregnancy! my favorite treat is to make nachos, scoop up a chipfull of sour cream and top with a jalapeno. amazing!! :) probably sounds incredibly disgusting to you, but man oh man...so good! :)

  2. love to read it and so glad it is you and not me!!!!

  3. I'm so sad I'm missing out on seeing your cute little belly :( Love rading about it so I feel like Im there though!

  4. My kids will be down to get McDonald's fries with you daily when you get here ;) Fun to hear about how things are for you, but I really can't wait to see you.