05 September 2011

Boots Gets A Bench

After I graduated college, my parents got me a bedroom set to help me start my life as an independent woman. I have loved my bedroom furniture and it has moved with me twice now. Ronnie has less of a love for our bed than I do because it is so dang tall. Putting on his "boots" and shoes requires him to sit and sitting on the edge of our bed was a teetering trick. After weeks of struggling, we asked his good friend David Grant to make us a custom bench to make Ronnie's life a little easier. I was going to do a beautiful post on how much we love our bench and how great it is, but I will just direct you to his site so you can check it out for yourself and hear it from David. Thanks David! And don't think this will be the last thing we have you making for us!


  1. heyy david and i grew up together! his mom and mine are bff pretty much. that is neat!

  2. I'm in love with this bench. I need something with pallets immediately.

  3. What an awesome friend to have! He did an amazing job. LOVE it and LOVE you, Mikael! Ronnie needs to post about his helpers ASAP. I always love the stories Ronnie tells.