13 September 2011

Water Logged

This is Ronnie when he was taking baths bc he couldn't shower with a broken foot. He will probably kill me for putting this on here.

As of last week, R has me swimming laps at the gym. Now mind you, I have only done this twice now, but it is two times more than I ever thought I would and about 50 times more fun than I expected. I have been timid to even attempt a pool workout because I am so embarrassed by my swimming skills. My swimming education consisted of "Ok, hang onto the wall and practice kicking. Now go swim with your brothers." I can doggy paddle, swim under water, and throw a mean punch while in an intense game of Sharks and Minnows, but a beautiful stroke is not a thing they teach between biggest splash contests with the boys. BUT, when you start hanging around a guy who can't even kick his legs while swimming and he's not afraid to hop in and swim some laps, then an ugly freestyle stroke doesn't seem to sound like a good excuse anymore. So to the pool we've been going, and I have been pleasantly surprised at what a workout it is! And one more great thing about Ronnie. Today we went and water aerobics was going on. We sat in the hot tub and waited for it to finish. I hinted a few times about how fun it would be to join in and splash to the techno music with the elderly. When they finished up class and we got in to swim some laps, he turned to me and said, "Next time let's do it. It could be fun and it would probably be good practice for me." Yippee! I know we will have a blast and it will be a great way for him to work on balance in a safe and fall friendly environment. I know most men wouldn't be caught dead sporting a pair of water weights in the pool, but my man knows how to live on the wild side!

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  1. Fun fun! Now if only Scott could get me to go swim laps! Maybe once the house is in order (oh that will never happen).