22 August 2011

Boots gets a new boot

We had an interesting weekend. Ronnie broke his foot! It's just a teeny tiny fracture, but it has caused quite a stink. Here are the details:

CAUSE: Ronnie and I decided to go to the temple for our Friday night date. I hopped in the shower first because...I am a girl. I need a head start. After I was finished with my shower, it was Ronnie's turn. He put his hand on the wall to help balance while he stepped in but my piping hot shower left the walls all slippery. Down he went and we are pretty sure his foot smashed in to the toilet. He seemed fine for the first little bit. He even got back up and showered and walked back into our room, but when he tried to stand up to get dressed, it was a no go. I wanted to go get his foot checked right then, but he said it might be just a jammed toe and we should wait a day.

EFFECT: Since Ronnie's back injury, his body has adapted a funny little way of telling him something is wrong since he may not be able to feel it so well. His legs twitch...errr...spasm would be more like it. It isn't fun, and it can be very tiring. When we went to bed that night, his leg went into action and wouldn't stop. No amount of asprin, icy hot, or rubbing his legs would stop it. So at about midnight we went to the ER. A few x-rays and a whole lot of waiting later, the prognosis was a Pseudo Jones Fracture. A lot less worrisome than a REAL Jones fracture apparently, but enough to put his body into fits. We left with a prescription for pain killers a muscle relaxer to get his leg to calm down. They worked for a couple hours,but by the middle of Saturday, we knew we needed to get a different prescription because no matter how many, or how often he took the pills, his leg kept seizing up. So off to urgent care we went. 20 minutes later we had a new prescription and so far so good.

Thanks to our friends and family that have called, texted, and come by to check on Ronnie. He is bummed about being back in the wheel chair for a bit, but it is nice to know he will heal quickly and be back to walking soon.

A big Thank You to Ronnie's sister Shauna for bringing him dinner while I was babysitting on Saturday night!

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  1. I'm stoked about your new blog, sad I don't have facebook because I haven't seen ANY wedding photos and am sad for your husbands poor foot. AND...pretty sure I miss you :)