18 August 2011

WARNING: mooshy gooshy- lovey dovey, Newly wed talk below

Believe it or not, I really do try and resist spilling my love all over the floor for everyone else to slop through, but just enjoy with me for a moment. For all of you who are married, reminece, and all who are working on it, here is what I find irresistible about love.
Suddenly, all the things you enjoyed doing before, become even more enjoyable. Let's take cooking for example( and let's try to enjoy it before it becomes a chore when little mouths are added to the picture). Today I picked up shrimp at the store! I rarely eat shrimp after that one time in Mexico we won't talk about. But today, as I passed the meat counter, I saw it and soon found myself asking for a half pound because I knew Ronnie would like it. And now I am giddy as I experiment with shrimp tacos, hoping he can taste the love I cooked in with the lemon and garlic. I enjoyed cooking before I got married, but now it is so much more fulfilling because I have someone else to cook for.

And I am sure he used to really enjoy doing dishes before we got married and now it is so much for fulfilling for him ....

Maybe my logic doesn't apply to every situation, but here is what I am positive of 100% of the time. I feel absolutely complete because I get him forever ( and he even said I could die first). Right when I think I have hit the max on how much I can love him, he makes me laugh and it suddenly multiplies by 10!
Ronnie, you are the peanut butter to my...well everything. And maybe forget this post on the days I serve you ramen or Mac and cheese.

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