30 September 2013

Silly Boy

Today was one of those days that you dream about when you are pregnant and imagining what life with a baby will be like. We tickled and giggled and went on a walk and played at the park. Henry squealed as I pushed him in the swing and I watched in wonder as a strong breeze blew right into his face and he held out his hands and smiled as he discovered this new sensation. Henry hungrily ate what I made for dinner and splashed happily in the bath right before bed.
After I put him in bed and joined Ronnie on the couch, I could hear him playing in his crib. I turned on the video monitor to see him clapping his hands and blowing raspberries on his fist. After a few minutes of waiting it out to see if he would drift off to sleep, I went up to his room to remind him it was bedtime. As soon as I picked him up he leaned in and blew a raspberry on my cheek and giggled when I began to laugh. He is just like his Dad. His day wouldn't be complete without making sure he made me laugh one more time. He then leaned in, grab my face with his hands, and planted a big, open-mouthed, absolutely perfect baby kiss on my lips.
As if he needed to win me over any more.
We rocked for a few more minutes and he nursed so sleep. I stole a few more snuggles before putting him back into his crib and wishing for the one millionth time that time would Just. Slow. Down.

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