02 July 2013

4 months old

Now that H man is almost 5 months, I will finally post this. Pics will be added later (far too lazt right now!)

How have these past four months flown by so fast? Henry is getting bigger everyday and seems to wake up and discover something new he can do each day. Maybe it is just the developmental specialist in me that loves to watch him learn new things, but I am amazed each time some new skill emerges and it happens so quickly and naturally!

My favorite things Henry has picked up this month have been his deeper understanding of who Ronnie and I are. He will go to new people and let them hold him, but only if he can see me. He usually will keep his eyes locked on me for the first few moments before switching his attention elsewhere.
Whenever Ronnie would get home from work he used to look at him for a few minutes and then return to what he was doing, But now he gets a great big grin on his face and will even coo at him with excitement.

My other favorite new skill is his adorable little giggle. Henry is getting a little less sensitive (he would cry when you even pretended to blow raspberries on his tummy) and will now giggle when you nibble on him. He will sometimes give a deep chuckle and other times he will let out an all out baby giggle.

Henry is reaching out and wanting to grip everything, and then bring it straight to his mouth. When he isn't grabbing things into his chubby little hands, he just wants to talk, Talk, TALK. Some days he has no interest in toys and he just wants me to look at him and have little "conversations" all day. He practicing making his voice soar and dip and is even trying out different consonant sounds. When talking gets boring, there is always time to blow spit bubbles and sticking his tongue out. He loves it when I stick mine out back at him and we go back and forth.

Henry is such a cuddly little guy! At times I think my heart will burst from all of the happiness. I honestly can't imagine anything else I would rather be doing than waking up to my sweet Henry Boy each day and spending each minute of the day with him. I occasionally will run out to run a quick errand without him and leave him with Ronnie, and I think about Henry the whole time. Ronnie thinks I sound crazy when I say I miss him when I put him down to sleep at night. But after he tells me I'm crazy we both pull out our phones and look at pictures of Henry before we go to sleep.

He has only been here four months, but sure has ruling this house figured out.

PS. At his 4 month appt: Henry was 63 %tile straight across the board. What can I say? Proportional kids are pretty cute!

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