21 May 2013

A post not about Henry (gasp!)

I didn't think it would ever happen, but I guess I do have more to talk about than just Henry. Is it though provoking, revolutionary, or even mildly entertaining? Probably not, but I think it is worth documenting.

I don't spend much time wondering what heaven will be like or even envisioning myself in it. Of course the usual doctrinal things about heaven come up each Sunday: i.e. "Heaven is living with our Heavenly Father-Creating our own worlds-Living with our families forever (Mormon Doctrine,of course).
I do occasionally have a quick thought like: "I sure hope there are McDonald's french fries and Dr. Pepper in heaven" or "I hope naps still happen in heaven" and even "I don't want to be in heaven if we are all adults. I like kids too much".

The other day I had one of those dreams where you wake up and you just want to go back to sleep it was so amazing. It kept popping up in my mind throughout the day, and that's when I came to the conclusion that if heaven really is as great as we hope it will be, we will get to live out a dream or two of our choice. For some it might be flying, or fighting off aliens and saving the world, for me, it would be living out either one of these dreams.

In my dream, I was back in college. I was feeling the carefree, spontaneity that comes with living on your own and being in the dating scene again. I was skinny. I was hanging out with friends. I was texting Elvis.
Elvis wasn't a young college student like me, but just older. But in my dream, Elvis hadn't dived deep into drugs or zipped up a tight unitard with a cape. He had beautiful dark hair, wore a great pair of jeans, and best of all, he was single and into me.
We met up at a party and I just knew we were going to "go steady" as he may have put it in his days. I sat next to him on a couch, laughed with friends, and draped clean shaven legs over his. That's when I figured out it was a dream. Shaved legs.
In an attempt to impress Elvis, I may or may not have performed "Hunk of Burning Love" for him.

I woke up without even being able to see if my performance led to a kiss, but the feeling of hanging out with Elvis stuck with me all day long.

If Elvis is busy on Live Out Your Favorite Dream Day in heaven, I will gladly opt for...

Johnny Cash:
For this dream I was on a field trip. I am pretty sure it was everyone from my 6th grade class in this dream. We were at a ranch, learning about ranching (duh). I was standing on a wooden fence admiring the tall golden wheat fields and wishing I was riding a horse through the field. The class started heading to the gift shop...because ranches have gift shops? It was about then that a group of cowboys came riding out from the trees into the field and rode past me, pushing a herd of wild horses to a corral.
But who is that riding my way? Johnny Cash. He stopped in front of me, swooped me up onto his horse, and we rode away. He took me to the corral where we tamed wild horses together. It was true love.
Here is the icing on the cake. After taming wild horses, Johnny takes me to the gift shop and gives me a turquoise bracelet from his personal collection.
Wild Horses. Johnny Cash. Turquoise.

That, my friends, is heaven.

*(side note: I hope you don't think I am bored with Ronnie. He is better than anything I ever could have dreamed up!But dreams sure do make for some fun in what seems like somewhat sleepless nights)

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  1. I'm right there with ya on the naps! :)
    I've had some whacky dreams like that too...but I think it consisted more along the lines of hanging with Walt Disney ;)