10 May 2013

3 months

It is official. My little infant is gone and I have a baby. I am not sure I can clearly define the difference, but there is one. Henry has been pretty wide-eyed from the start, but he is much more interested in his environment and has continually become more and more social each day.

I am greeted with a big grin each morning and when he wakes up from naps

He has discovered toys and will smiles, and squeal with delight when they shake and bob when he moves. Just today, he figured out he can bat at them and hit them with his hands

Henry has also figured out how to slowly grasp toys and they they immediately go to his mouth. It makes me crack up to see his tongue poke out lick, lick, lick away at his toys.

Bath time is his very, very favorite. We had to move him to the big tub because he was kicking so much I was afraid he would kick the knobs and burn himself. He is happy to sit in his little tub chair and kick and splash until the water gets cold. I love scooping him, wrapping him up tight in a towel, and nibbling on his soft skin.

This past month we took our first vacation as a family to Arizona. Ronnie and his friends go each spring and we stay with the Palmers in Gilbert and usually go to a spring training game, play out in the desert on razors, and enjoy our time with great friends. I was nervous about traveling with an infant and not being in our usual surroundings and keeping to our usual schedule.
We flew from Provo to Mesa and Henry quietly dozed off to sleep during take off. During the busy weekend, Henry smiled and was passed around and would return to my arms when he needed fed and snuggled to sleep. I could not believe how easy he was! It was so much fun to see all of our friends fall in love with him and for Ronnie and me to relax, and laugh, and remember all the many things that made us fall in love.
(Us on the airplane- Henry giving me great snuggle at a yummy mexican place we went to in AZ-Henry meeting his "Aunt" Lacey-Ronnie sniping people during laser tag)

We also blessed Henry this month and Ronnie did a wonderful job! Henry looked so cute in his little outfit and we had so many friends and family in town that we had to do it on a Saturday so it would be much more convenient.

April was a crazy, busy month but we enjoyed every last bit of it!

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  1. He is just way to cute! I miss him and can't wait to kiss on him again!