07 February 2013


Well, it is finally in a state that I don't mind showing it off! There are a few last little things that need to be done, but they will happen once we get the little guy here and named. If you can't tell, our theme was southwestern cowboy with lots of little man vintage. It pretty much has turned into a reflection of both mine and Ronnie's style and all the little knick knack things we have picked up along the way.

One of my favorite things about the nursery is how involved so many of our loved ones have been in it. We probably didn't spend more than $100 on the nursery because of how generous everyone has been to us, and a lot of it has been things we both have collected from thrift and antiques stores along the way. So are you ready to dive in? (disclaimer: I am by no means a great photographer, nor do I ever really aspire to be, so be forgiving on the quality of the photos.)

This is the view of the room from the hall. The pendant banner was made by my amazingly talented sister Chelsey for my baby shower in New Mexico. It originally said Lil' Buckaroo but I had to shorten it to fit in the room. I can't even imagine the time and love she spent on it.

This is an old map of Utah Ronnie got me for Christmas. It comes from a children's book from the 1960's and is so perfect!

My dear friend Aubrey made this for a baby present for us and it goes absolutely perfect with the theme! And how perfect is that quote? I already dread our little baby growing up and he isn't even here yet.

Can you tell we like clutter? The shelving was built in and makes for the perfect framing of a crib. The frames above the crib will eventually have mine and Ronnie's baby pictures as well as our little guy, and maybe some family ones if I get enough motivation. Above that shelf we will get big wooden letters and spell out his name (we just need to name him first).

Our original crib was one my sister Brittani gave us that many of her little ones used and was gorgeous, but just a few inches too wide for the built in shelving. She so graciously let us sell it and we were able to buy this Jenny Lind style crib which goes perfect with our vintage style (and we got a steal of a deal on KSL). My sisters got me this adorable crib bedding and the beautiful rug hanging behind the crib is one given to me by my grandfather. One of the many amazing touches he added to the nursery. And the quilt on the crib and little blanket were made for me and given two me from two of my sister-in-laws (shout out Steph and Shauna!)

And these full shelves! Notice the flag up top. One of my most prized possessions! My brother gave it to me. He flew it in his huge C-17 when he was deployed.

Our heroes and what our little guy will grow up on. Elvis and Johnny.

This is an old toolbox I got off KSL that belonged to a man's grandpa who used it in his horse shoeing business. It is filled with little knick knacks and cute little things given to us.

The wooden truck was given to Ronnie by a family friend who made it for him while he was in the hospital recovering.

I made the little letter artwork from some old letterpress letters I picked up at an antique store. I absolutely love it! And the Bow-tie bottle is one my mom picked up and that we used at our wedding reception because it so perfectly represents Ronnie. Ronnie has picked up the coke bottles that were made in cities we love-Salt Lake City and Durango.

The changing station: To make diaper changes easier for Ronnie, we made the changing station on top of the dresser. Don't worry, the lamp wont be there, I just forgot to move it before taking pictures.

My grandpa used to raise race horses and he gave me all these ribbons from his horse days. My sister-in-law Annie helped me figure out what to do with them and I love how the shadow box turned out!

The rocker was given to us by the lady I nannied for in Wyoming and the blanket is a present from my mother-in-law. I can hardly wait to snuggle and nurse there.

We sold Ronnie's dresser from his single days and were able to get this one off KSL. And the rug? Another great gift from my Papa.

Here is a little touch of New Mexico that I picked up in a thrift store back home. I am ridiculously attached to this $5 find.

And one last look at the room with the rocking horse I am painting that I picked up at Goodwill.

Thanks for taking a peek into our little guy's room and for all of those who contributed to it! I didn't even talk about half the things in it! Now, let's put a baby in there!


  1. AMEN to putting the baby in there. It looks amazing Mooch, you did awesome! I cannot wait to meet him and see you as a mama (and Ronnie as a Dadda)! Exciting days to come!!

  2. so cute mikael!! i love all of the sentimental detail you have in there! i'm bummed i never made it over to your place to see it in person. :( you know how crazy things were and then we got sick. in fact, still at my parent's house as sick as a dog. (we couldn't get home to tucson til tomorrow cause flights were so full)

  3. LOVE IT! you did an amazing job. can't wait to see the little man in there!

  4. Love it! looks like it worked getting him there ;)