07 February 2013

39 weeks 3 days

Well, Little Man seems to be perfectly happy right where he is at. I went to the Dr. today and while I swear I can feel a little head grinding away on my pelvic bones, Dr. Sharp said he still isn't very low and I am not dilated at all. I'm not too disappointed because Ronnie and I are still getting over the last little bits of a terrible cold that has been hanging around for a couple weeks.
I have been feeling mild contractions throughout the day for a week now but nothing that gets me too excited. It is actually kind of nice to know my body is warming up and that it won't just suddenly just hit me. My Dr. set up an induction date for the 17th if I haven't gone into labor naturally before then. If you would have asked me a couple months ago when I was going to have this baby, I would have told you closer to my original due date in January and never would have imagined possibly going over Feb. 11th. I am so glad that Heavenly Father knows better and has his own timing. Ronnie's grandpa passed away and the funeral was here in Utah last weekend. I was a nervous wreck for a little while worrying that I would have a baby while the funeral was going on and with all of Ronnie's family in town, and while I was sick with a cold. But as I have learned more than this year than any other, God knows best and he has our little family cradled in his palm, leading us exactly where we need to be, when we need to be there. Thank goodness for a Heavenly Father who cares about all the little details in our lives!

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