04 December 2011

Hello World

Yes, we are still alive. I know I have been WAY overdue to write a new post, but whenever I think I will sit down and write a new one, I always come to the conclusion it will be lame, or I just get too lazy. So here is a little pre-New Years resolution: I, Mikael Webb Squire (yes, I still keep adding that Webb. It just feels a little weird without it still. Like when you go to the grocery store for 4 things, and you walk out with 3 of the things you neded and 15 other things that caught your eye. Then you keep realizing how much you use that one thing you forgot to grab while getting the 15 other way cooler things. That's pretty much my maiden name right now. Tangent over.) Ok, Where were we? Oh yeah, I, MWS, promise to blog more and document even the not so exciting things, even when I would rather curl up with a pickle and watch an episode of 30 Rock. And Yes, Mom, Ronnie loves me even with my blankey and pickle fetish. I knew there was a prince charming out there who would love my weird ways. Lately I have been cutting out snowflakes and finding the cutest holiday decor the dollar store has to offer to make this little place of ours full of Christmas cheer. You might be surprised what great things the dollar store has! I will post pics as soon as I can figure out how to from this silly iPad. Ronnie will be the "entertainment" at my work Christmas party tomorrow and I can't wait to show him off. He will be giving us a little pep talk on getting through difficult times and how to motivate others and be a support for them. I think he will be a hit. I love every little thing about him. Even the endless amount of military documentaries he somehow finds on Netflix.


  1. yay cannot wait to see you guys!!!

  2. you and alex both are obsessed with pickels! I can't even count how many jars he's been through. :)

  3. Glad to FINALLY hear from you! Can't wait to see you guys