03 January 2013

34 weeks and counting

I know it's been forever and I have about 15 post ideas rolling around in my head but have yet to write a single one down. I figured I would at least write a quick post about what it has been like this past month or so, especially pregnancy wise.

It's old news now, but at the beginning of November Ronnie got a job offer in the Park City area and we accepted and were moved into a little duplex by Dec. 1st. I probably lifted way too much and relaxed way too little, but with the help of fabulous friends and family, we made the move and by the first night we said lots of prayers of gratitude for all the help and love we felt. From day one of being back in Utah it has felt perfect and we know we made the right choice.

Ronnie LOVES his new job and we are becoming Oakley School's biggest fans. I am convinced that work environment makes up 98% of an employees happiness and Ronnie found an amazing place to be. Not only does he get to ride to work each day with a friend, but he enjoys his coworkers, the trust his company has in him, the professionalism and positive attitude he is greeted with each day, and his amazing bosses that continually boost his confidence, and in turn he works hard to live up to their praise. I couldn't be more excited for him!

Right around the time of all the craziness with the move and trying to get set up in our new life, the third trimester hit and I wanted to go back to a daily nap schedule. Making a baby fat is tiring. My belly continues to grow and the little guy tends to move around when Ronnie gets home, when I play music really loud, and at night. Lately I have been feeling like he is trying to bust out of the womb and say "Give me some room in there, why don't you!". It's no longer cute little wiggles and squirms, but a realization that we are running out of space to share.

I am quickly getting over my abhorrence for public restrooms. I HATE having to pee so often and to feel the urge so strongly. It is one thing to have to go really badly and then feel relief when the "flood gates" are opened. But to be greeted with "here comes the little stream" each time you run to the bathroom is so disappointing. (my sincerest apologies go out to my Papa who will undoutably read this last paragraph. Let's just move forward...)

My feet don't feel too swollen but they must be because only a few pairs of shoes still fit. I really hope my feet and fingers return to their former glory and Ronnie won't have to look like the ghetto husband who bought his wife a turquoise wedding ring. I miss my antique beauty and look forward to showing it off again.

I've pretty much given up on exercising for the moment. How motivating is bundling up to go on a freezing walk or trying to balance your way through yoga when your body just gets rounder anyway? Let's hope my post baby body will scare me enough into picking up some good exercise routines again. I've gotten so used to being pregnant, I'm a little scared of what is in store afterwards. What does it feel like to get up from the couch quickly, or to lay on your stomach, or twist easily when buckling your seatbelt? I have forgotten, and I am sure it will be glorious, but all of those things seem so much less satisfying when I think of the bowl of jello jigglers my stomach will be. It will all be worth it for my little buddy that is cooking up so cute right now. I can't hardly wait to meet him!


  1. i feel you with the bathroom! hahaha! you said it perfectly! I can't wait to meet the little guy too! one things for sure...he's going to be adorable!

  2. i cannot wait to meet him too!! Besides, this little guy needs a name to be called.

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  4. I don't recall discussing our bathroom habits with you. I must be talking in my sleep. Prostate cancer treatment does strange things to the human body.